How many worship services do you have each Sunday? 
We have only one Worship Experience per Sunday.
What time is worship?
10:00am Christian Education Classes 
10:45am Praise & Worship, 11:00am Worship
1st Sundays - Communion Sunday
2nd Sundays - Traditional Worship
3rd Sundays - Contemporary Worship (Men's Choir sings)
4th Sundays -  Worship & the Arts / Youth Sunday
5th Sundays -  Radical Sunday
Do I have to "dress-up" to come to church?
NO!  Come as you are.  You will see attire ranging from jeans and t-shirts to suits and dresses.  So just come! 
Bible Studies:
We have non-traditional, engaging, thought-provoking, life changing Bible Studies in the forms of Text Talks, Video Conferencing and Small Group Local Learning.  Send an e-mail to mtzionumc.dc@gmail.com to find a study near you. Thank you!

Location and Directions