Rent Assistance Resources

COVID-19 Housing Assistance Program (CHAP)

The Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) has developed the COVID-19 Housing Assistance Program (CHAP), a $6.2 million program funded by the federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) offering rental assistance to low-income renters who are in arrears. Tenants must earn 80% of the Median Family Income (MFI) or below based on the COVID-19 Income & Rent Schedule. Financial assistance will be based on income and household size. Assistance can be applied for rent from April 2020 onward for up to three months of overdue rent depending on available funds—eligible applicants may be able to apply for an additional 3 months for a total of 6 months of rental assistance. Interested applicants are asked to fill out intake information by going to the central intake portal for emergency rental assistance.

DHCD Rental Assistance

The Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) has developed a $1.5 million program funded by federal HOME dollars


Financial Help for PG County Residents

Zion's Benevolence Program is accepting applications from Prince George's County residents whose housing is in jeopardy due to COVID-19. We have been allocated $3M with a spend-down date of December 18th, so we need your help to get the word out.

If you know of any Prince George's County resident who meets the criteria below, please have them send an email to

Eligibility Criteria

(1) Is not currently receiving, and has not received any assistance from the County within the past 12 months.

(2) Applicant must be delinquent on rental or mortgage payments due between April 1 & October 31, 2020.

    • You/they have been laid off,
    • Your/their place of employment has closed,
    • You/they have experienced a reduction in hours of work,
    • Daycare is not available,
    • You/they have lost child or spousal support,
    • You/they have been unable to find employment due to t COVID-19; and
    • Other, please describe.

For residents who cannot obtain proof of income, the five-page Resident Self-Certification of Eligibility and Annual Income forms must be completed and sign by the resident.

(3) Required Documents

    • Photo IDs for all adults in the household
    • Social security cards for all household members
    • 30 days proof of all household income, offer letter or unemployment
    • Copy of the lease, rental ledger
    • Landlord's and W-9 forms (attached, must be completed by the landlord ONLY.)