Weds Night Light - Weds, Feb 1 - Dec 27, 7:00 pm

A Yearlong Story Experience 

Do you want to share your faith story? But maybe you don't feel confident enough? Comfortable enough? This study is for you! 

Pastor Selena is excited to announce this new bible study. It is a yearlong story experience that will increase your witness and draw you closer to God!

The Gospel Stories | Your Story | Biblical Storytelling

1- Learn the Gospel Story: read and study all 4 Gospels

2- Learn to tell Your Story: hone your witnessing skills

3 - Biblical Storytelling Lessons: learn the art of telling Bible stories creatively


Please note this study will be primarily online, but some sessions require in-person participation.

To sign up, fill out the following form and more details will be emailed to you: